ComicMix Closes Columns

It’s a sad feature of human nature that talking about the possibility of a website in trouble will probably draw more traffic to it than they got when providing a lot of coverage.

Heidi MacDonald reports on cutbacks at ComicMix. The columns have all ended, leaving only the news (which under editor Robert Greenberger is much more pop-cult widespread than comic-focused, and not particularly unique to the site) and the online comics. Under his last column, Editor-in-Chief Mike Gold says that

the decision came after months of conversation. Simply put (if that’s at all possible), the columns didn’t reach as big an audience as some of us had hoped for. Really, it’s that simple. We need to put our attention elsewhere.

They’ve also experimented with print-on-demand book versions of some of their online strips, which didn’t come near to selling out at the one convention they were offered. They have since been offered on their website. Todd Allen analyzes the changes and concludes that they have major income problems:

No ads, no merchandise, no collected edition. Those are standard revenue streams and without any of them (100 print copies in Baltimore doesn’t count), I cannot call ComicMix serious about monetizing their comics.

8 Responses to “ComicMix Closes Columns”

  1. thekamisama Says:

    They frustrate me with the fact that I can buy a classic Grimjack TPB from IDW for a fraction of the price. With those I know exactly how many pages I am getting and the overall quality. They are pretty much holding the exclusivity over my head and asking me to shell out on a crapshoot of POD quality.

  2. Johanna Says:

    The one I flipped through looked decent, on that level. But yes, they are pricey, likely due to the print method chosen.

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  5. Glenn Hauman Says:

    A fraction of the price from IDW? Many of the GrimJack trades list for $24.99, which is what we sold the limited editions for.

  6. Johanna Says:

    True, using IDW as a measure of reasonable pricing is pretty funny.

  7. Russ Rogers Says:

    thekamisama writes that buying the GrimJack book from ComicMix is a crap shoot. They don’t know how many pages or the overall quality. That’s silly. You can still READ the whole book at for FREE! You can see that the story is 150 pages long. The quality of the writing and the art are superb. Better than most comics (web or print). The only crap shoot is on the quality of the print run. The print run they did was very small, just one hundred copies. It was a test run. $25 is a very fair price for a hard cover, quality story in a highly collectible format.

  8. Johanna Says:

    The ComicMix books weren’t hardcovers, but paperbacks, at least the ones I saw at the show.




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