Mecha Manga Bible Heroes Returns

Remember Mecha Manga Bible Heroes? It was announced in February of this year as using the excitement of robots to tell Bible stories in a manga style, and the goofiness of that combination caught people’s attention.

Now, they’re announcing their second issue, with a new artist, plus they’re launching a new series. MMBH #2 (32 color pages, $2.25) is the first in a three-issue arc called “The Rise of David”, following the Bible hero as he’s

“on the run from King Saul…. This leads to a series of thrilling near misses, exciting chase scenes, and intriguing hiding places.”

The new artist, providing a “more animated look”, is Josh Alves, who previously competed at Zuda with Araknid Kid. The cover style of MMBH #2 is clearly different, looking much more like a traditional action comic. That’s not a great idea; when the discrepancy is so great, you run the risk of disappointed readers who feel like it’s a kind of bait and switch. The artist is Jeff Slemons, who’s even more involved with a new title.

In March, the same company, JMG, is launching Beyond (32 pages, $2.99), a horror/sci-fi anthology aimed at older teens and adults, but still “faith-based”. It’s a

world where horror, science-fiction and fantasy collide to explore the fate of souls confronted by faith–those who have it, those who find it, and in some cases, those who lose or never had it.

It’s fully painted by Slemons but in black and white, which seems a waste. Interested retailers will get one free copy for every 3 they order, but only through Haven Distributors (the former Cold Cut). These comics aren’t carried through Diamond Distribution.

The last part of their announcement, I don’t know what to make of:

Additionally, for those retailers who missed MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES #1 on its initial release, it is receiving a more formal direct sales comic shop release in January. Haven and Enemi are taking orders for issue #1 through mid-November, offering retailers the opportunity to jump on board this exciting new series from the very first issue.

It seems to me that “more formal comic shop release” is just a fancy way to say “please give us another try”.

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  1. Hi Johanna – thanks for picking up our latest PR. To clear up the “more formal release,” it really is just that. At the time of our initial release, Haven and Enemi had not yet released their formal catalog representing their initial foray into an “advance order” system a la Diamond. The first available opportunity was their catalog which shipped in late September featuring items to be shipped in January. We had not had the opportunity to be in a catalog taking advance orders before then.

    Paul Castiglia
    Managing Editor/Promotional Director

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