What Should I Review More Of?

I’m curious as to which part of my review stack I should tackle next — what would you like to see me cover? (Multiple answers possible.)

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18 Responses to “What Should I Review More Of?”

  1. Oliver Says:

    Could you please post reviews of Tsubasa? That would be helpful for those who are still on the fence about reading that series.

  2. Michael Says:

    “All of the Above?”

  3. Patrick Says:

    I’ve heardd alot about a manga series called Monster, I think it was mentioned by one of the Heroes cast members. It would be great to get a review of the series or a few volumes.

  4. Timo Raittila Says:

    Anthologies! Because they are very much hit or miss nothing in between. They cannot be judged by the cover or publisher’s ad text.

  5. James Moar Says:

    Patrick, Johanna’s already reviewed vol. 1 of Monster here: http://comicsworthreading.com/2007/02/24/naoki-urasawas-monster-book-1/

    She’s actually quoted on at least one of the covers.

  6. Johanna Says:

    I recommend Monster, although I still have only read 1. It’s a gripping thriller with intriguing philosophical questions behind it.

    I was afraid someone was going to pick anthologies — they take so much time! Gripe gripe, I know, suck it up. Tsubasa, though, is difficult. Every time I’ve tried it, I’ve found it too tied into the Clamp mythology, and thus hard to follow. I don’t have any interest driving me into it. Which I suppose is a kind of review.

    I like All of the Above — that’s an easy one. In the poll, looks like graphic novels are ahead right now. Maybe I should have been more specific?

  7. Paul Sizer Says:

    I think you should start reviewing these “graphical novels” I keep hearing about from the kids. They seem to be everywhere.

  8. Josh Blair Says:

    I dunno. It just seems like there are so many places out there that review graphic novels that it’d be nice to see something fresh.

  9. Johanna Says:

    Well, I have been covering more DVDs lately… oh, you mean different kinds of comics! :)

  10. James Schee Says:

    I picked GNs, because that’s really about all that I’m interested in right now.

    I’m sure other sites do review them, yet I don’t read those other sites so I don’t care. (nothing against them, I just am so marginally interested in comics now, that CWR is basically my one comic site)

    I love the manga I read, but most of the newer ones do nothing for me.(plus is it bad that I find myself more unwilling to commit to new LONG series?)

    Anthologies I find them so hit or miss that I tend to pass. Though if I would’ve had one of those e-mail phones I would have e-mail you about Flight 2 & 3 which were on sale at a half price book store for $8 each.

    Superheroes… do Buffy and Angel count? I’d like to see someone covering the really incredible Angel comic series, which is better than the Joss Buffy series to me. (probably because I thought Buffy’s story was done, while there was unfinished business with Angel)

    Sorry to be so wordy! lol

  11. Johanna Says:

    I’m with you — I like reasonably sized new manga series (5-8 volumes). Altho I have no idea how long new fave High School Debut is.

    With Angel, are you talking about the IDW series? I was waiting for that to be collected.

  12. James Schee Says:

    Two collections of the Angel series out already! (the cover/packaging to the second HC volume was OUTSTANDING!!)

    Plus I picked up the Spike After The Fall miniseries from the same creative team which spins out of the Angel series. Its REALLY good as well.

    I don’t really care how long say a NANA or Hikaru No Go are, since I’m hooked. New series have got to be either really different/good to get me, if they are going to long. (that’s a reason why I liked the Tokyopop American Manga series)

  13. Johanna Says:

    But they haven’t done Angel paperbacks yet?

    Is Spike collected, even in HC?

  14. James Schee Says:

    No paperbacks yet.

    I got the HCs for fairly good prices on Amazons. Spike has a huge role in the Angel series, which is why he got a miniseries showing things from his perspective.

    While others just got a one issue off telling their side of their experience after the Angel tv finale. (which is what the second collection is)

    I’m anxious to get the third collection when it come out. Because volume 1 leaves off on one whopper of a cliffhanger.

  15. Hsifeng Says:

    Johanna Says: “I was afraid someone was going to pick anthologies — they take so much time!”

    Really? Would you have to review each short story separately, or could you write about the impression a book made on you as a whole and mention a detail from this story, a feature of that story, etc.? A whole bunch of comic anthologies are single volumes instead of series. :)

  16. Johanna Says:

    I do usually take that approach when I cover anthologies, but someone always feels left out.

  17. Kelson Says:

    Re: Tsubasa — there’s a Clamp mythology? Admittedly I’m only familiar with the anime versions, but a season into Tsubasa, I don’t feel like having seen Cardcaptor Sakura has made much difference in my understanding of the later series.

    Are the manga more closely connected?

  18. Kelson Says:

    (And I know there’s lots more Clamp out there, just those are the ones I’m familiar with.)




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