Contest: Blank Comic Book, Win About Comics Publication

About Comics is offering a 24-page blank comic book. They’re suggesting using it to create your own comic, or some kind of sketchbook, or a notebook you can file with your comics. But there’s got to be more uses, and they want to hear your suggestions.

Email your idea to by November 20. Be sure to include your name, address (U.S. and Canada only), and the name of your favorite comic shop. The best one will win $100 worth of About Comics publications, either your choice from a couple of bundles or 50 copies of the blank comic.

If you just want to buy one, you’ll need to get some buddies to go in with you. They’ll be in comic stores in February in a five-pack for $9.95. (That’s a lot for nothing! Heh heh, that’s a pun.)

I admit, I can’t think of a reason why I’d want one, but I’m not an artist, who may find them inspiring. Plus, I already know that my readers are more creative than I am. And please note, although About Comics is offering bribes to bloggers for posting about the contest, I’m not participating. (I already own most of the prizes anyway.) Instead, Nat Gertler, Mr. About Comics, has offered to send the bonus item to one of my commenters. So enter the contest, post your ideas here, and I’ll pick my favorite to receive a free About Comics book. I’m curious to see what people suggest for the book’s use.

6 Responses to “Contest: Blank Comic Book, Win About Comics Publication”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Hmm… tear the page out, put cool designs and colors on them. Then make a bunch of really nice paper airplanes?

  2. David Oakes Says:

    While “Sketchbook” and “Notebook” are quite obvious uses, they shouldn’t have been taking out of the running so quickly.

    But four interelated uses:

    1) A place to store all those Marvel Stamps you cut out of your comics when you were a kid.

    2) A scrapbook for the Letters of Comment you have had published. (Which are now of historical importance since there are no letter columns.)

    3) Use it has a foundation for the restoration of your favorite comic book after you have cut out the stamps, the letters page, and read it dogearred out of sheer love for the medium.

    4) Take all the pieces of comics too far loved to restore and use them to make your own art book/fumetti comic.

  3. David Oakes Says:

    5) Buy a bag of five. Put one in a polyethylene bag, one in a polypropylene bag, one in mylar, and have one slabbed. Leave the fifth one out on your desk as a control. Come back in five years and test for paper deterioration.

    6) There is no number six.

    7) Read and reread the blank pages until you enter a deep meditative state and become one with the universe. (All of them.)

    8) Make money selling them as Ultra-rare copies of “Crisis on Infinite Earths: The White Album”.

    9) Keep one copy slabbed as a testament to the Eternal Blank Page, and use that as a goad to inspire you to write more.

    And finally (?):

    10) Muse on the idea of a contest about blank pages as a metaphor for the creative act until your friends insist you stop posting in the comments and “get your own @%*$! blog!”

  4. Johanna Says:

    See, I knew there was more creativity out there! I like “collect the Marvel Stamps” one best. Although the test and control version is funny, too.

  5. Lorena Says:

    Well, I’d probably use the book to draw pictures, but I’d use the finished books for something else, like wrapping presents in a Christmas-themed story, or making a comic book cookbook a la Serious Eats.

    Heck, you could even deconstruct a comic book and create a story “puzzle” by cutting pages up by panel, or a “Mad Lib” comic book where some panels are left empty – both would be fun gifts for kids.

  6. Nat Gertler Says:

    The Blank Comic Book 5-pack hits stores tomorrow. To encourage purchase, we’ve made a preview PDF of the cover and first seven pages available here.




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