Love of Sausage

Last year, I recommended Gina Biggs’ Love of Sausage. The links are now broken at that post because she’s revamped the minicomic into a full-sized comic by adding another story and some bonus strips.

The first story is about how a couple gets used to a new dachshund puppy that has a tendency to hurt people in the cutest accidental ways. The way Biggs draws dogs doesn’t really resemble the actual pets, but they’re adorable little lumps.

The second story tells of a second dog and her unfortunate fate. It captures how the two pets relate to each other, and some of the struggles of pet owning, all abbreviated into too short a space. (That’s not an artist’s choice but a reflection of the events.) Given the pain, I’d have rather seen more of the short strips, although Biggs needs to work on her punchlines.

My favorite part was the final line of one of the bonuses: “Just shut up while I finish this comic about how much I love you!” That frustration is part and parcel of being a pet owner.

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