Pushing Daisies Comic?
November 13, 2008

I adore Pushing Daisies, but news for it doesn’t look good. Like many of the other series cut short by the strike that didn’t return immediately once it was over, ratings are down this year, and it hasn’t been extended past its initial 13-episode commitment.

Pushing Daisies cover

Now, Scott Cederlund has interesting news: Show creator Bryan Fuller is quoted as saying that if the show gets canceled, he’d want to wrap up the storylines in comics. DC comics, to be precise, since the show is produced by sister company Warner Bros. Television.

But he’s planning further ahead than that. “Fuller then said that doing so would clear the slate for a movie.” And he knows whereof he speaks: He previously created Dead Like Me, which is releasing a Complete Series Giftset in February that contains the two seasons of the show and a new, original to video movie called Life After Death.

Scott isn’t very happy with the news that PD might continue in comics, pointing out that several recent similar efforts (such as Fringe) have been unsuccessful or aborted. Plus, he hates the idea of comics being seen as a fallback. I can’t say I disagree, but I love his idea of a Good Eats comic cookbook.

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David Gallaher writes:  

I have a copy of the Pushing Daisies custom comic that DC put out last year, and I quite enjoyed it.

Johanna writes:  

Oh, that’s right, I’d forgotten about that! I’ve never seen it — I don’t understand why they didn’t include it with the DVD.

Rivkah writes:  

I almost see Pushing Daisies more as a children’s type picture book than a comic. Can’t think of who I’d put on it, though: someone with a whimsical but solid and dark style.

Johanna writes:  

I thought, at first, that it wouldn’t make a very good comic, because the performances are so important to my enjoyment of the show. But the idea is growing on me, especially if, as you say, they could capture the right style.

zenia writes:  

hey where did you get the comic? can i still buy it now?

Johanna writes:  

To get a copy of the promotional comic, you probably should try ebay.

James Schee writes:  

Looks like it got canceled, oh sorry “no more episodes are being ordered.” I hadn’t watched it, but it looked promising.

I’m sad to see Eli Stone go, this year wasn’t as good as last, but still fun.

noel writes:  


Laura writes:  

Where can I get a copy of the Pushing Daisies custom comic that DC put out?

Johanna writes:  

Your best bet at this point is to search the usual places for back issues, including ebay.

Shane writes:  

Well the idea of a comic, I think is… I can’t think of a powerful enough word to express how I feel, for lack of a better term, pointless, idiotic! A movie would be 5 billion times better. My reasoning behind this is; when you watch pushing daisies on tv, you get to experience the… talent of the cast which is extraordinary. Like the ability to portray the emotions that the characters are feeling, and the ability to express the quick and witty dialogue with, feeling understanding, comedic values. Also, the special effects and stuff like that is going to be non-existant. Like, for example, the episode “buzz, buzz”, if that were made into a comic the effects of the swarming bees, wouldnt be there, um, ok that wasn’t a good example. Well, what about like, when I watch the show, I try like guessing who did It based on the voice/ tone the character talks with, the way they act. If they act all sketched out by a question Emerson asks them I think oh maybe they did it. You don’t get the actions like that in a comic. Another thing is the music. Unless they make the comics like those musical birthday cards, where you open the card and it plays happy birthday, it won’t be any good. My reason is the music makes up a big part of the show. Something like 90%of the show has music in the background, which I think, gives the scene dimension and some kind of playfullness. I don’t know, maybe i’m completely off, dead wrong. You tell me. Having said this, I would get the comics if it ties up the loose ends, otherwise watching the show thusfar would be meaningless with out the end. If the comics let me know these things: what happened with chucks dad?, what about emersons daughter? He just finaly got to see her after like 9 years. I know she shows up at his office but still I wana know the story behind that. Why’d lila finaly let him see his daughter? What about neds dad? He saved him and olive and then leaves? Plus they show him at the Pie-Hole. Does he, ned, maurice, and rolstin reunite? How does lilly and vivian take to knowing that chuck is alive? Does chucks dad come back and start over with chuck and lilly? Does he make ammends with vivian? Why’d neds dad leave in the first place? Also, what about the darling mermaid darlings comeback tour? Do they stay do they go? What about simone and emersons relationship? How does lilly and vivian feel about ned keeping chuck alive and not telling them? And what about Olive and Randy Mann? Will Ned tell olive what he can do? If so, how will she feel about that? Add to the list of questions!


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