Impressive Acknowledgement: EW Credits Finger as Batman Co-Creator

While flipping through the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, focusing on their 25 Entertainers of the Year, I was surprised to see the writeup for #3. (This is their online version.)

Oh, I knew The Dark Knight would get praise for being both a critical and commercial success, a superhero film that both snobs and fans liked, but it was the beginning text that struck me.

In 1939, cartoonist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger created the brooding urban vigilante known as Batman…

I was astounded and pleased to see Bill Finger’s contributions credited along with the man whose name is most often tagged, alone, on the character. It’s especially significant, given that EW is a Time Warner publication, with the same parent company as DC Comics.

The writeup in the print version of the magazine is even neater, by the way, since it’s illustrated in comic panels by Jillian Tamaki (Skim) with text by Jeff Jensen. It’s a touching homage to Heath Ledger’s posthumous success as the Joker.

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