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Didn’t win a free copy of Black Jack from the MangaBlog contest? Try again at David Welsh’s blog.

The first Zuda print comics have been announced. Bayou is due in June 2009, with High Moon following in October (almost a year from now). No details about price, length, or format yet.

Stan Lee was awarded a National Medal of Arts today. “Award recipients are selected based on their contributions to the creation, growth, and support of the arts in the United States.” I guess comics are now officially government-recognized Art.

The latest Spirit trailer (#3) is just full of lines that I don’t think are meant to be funny:

Octopus: I’m the Octopus. I got eight of everything! (Oh, do tell.)

About Sand Saref: She got a thing for the bling.

The Spirit: Somebody get me a tie! And it sure as hell better be red!

On the bright side, we get to see Gabriel Macht shirtless twice. It’s the only reason I’ve been given so far to see the film. I just can’t buy a Spirit in Converse high-tops.

Speaking of The Spirit, MySpace has a new promotion going — select the film-themed “skin” for your profile, and be entered in a sweepstakes. There’s also a Punisher: War Zone version.

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