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It’s time for Katherine Keller’s annual membership drive for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund — if 40 people show her proof that they donated at least $25 to the CBLDF, then she will make a matching donation of $1000. Or if 80 people donate, she will donate $2000.

This year, there’s particular urgency, since an Iowa manga collector is being tried for the crime of owning comics that show children in sexual situations although no actual children were involved or harmed. As Keller says, this approaches the government prosecuting for a thought crime, for imagining underage sex.

A conviction would mean that anybody who owns a first printing of DMP’s excellent Desire, BLU’s historically accurate Gerard & Jacques, or any edition of Top Shelf’s Lost Girls is open prosecution under the PROTECT act. … for those of you who are active in fandoms such as Harry Potter, Twilight, Teen Titans, Young Avengers, or any other franchise for which there is a large volume of fan created art depicting fictional minors in an erotic fashion, a conviction means that Live Journal, Insane Journal, and Deviant Art will start cracking down on content and, of course, you are now open to criminal prosecution under the PROTECT act.

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