Gaba Kawa

This cute ‘n’ fluffy supernatural romance is like Buffy for babies. (It’s rated T for teens, age 13 and up.) Rara is a demon girl sent to our world to cause evil, but she only came because she’s got a crush on Hiroshi, another demon on earth. So does the glamorous Bibi, a friendly rival who’s gotten the hang of their powers much more quickly.

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Gaba Kawa
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Instead of achieving any of her goals, Rara falls (literally) for Aku, a mysterious, in-demand human who thinks he’s saved her life. She’s got to figure out how to win his heart without using her powers. As the twists play out, there’s humor, magic, ghosts, drama, and schoolgirl romance. The story is complete in this single volume and provides entertaining escapism, especially for those tempted by Twilight and its ilk.

Rara is adorable, with her big eyes, shaggy bobbed hair, and generally happy demeanor. Her character development isn’t immense: she goes from fangirl stalker to loving sacrifice, but at least she’s learning how to relate to another person instead of an image in a magazine.

This paragraph is a spoiler: The conclusion, similar to the one in Xanadu, doesn’t sit right with me. This type never does. I know the author is trying to give everyone a happy ending while still remaining true to the story logic, but the idea that love continues with a different person like some kind of math equation (if A = B and B = C…) just feels superficial, undercutting the big romance earlier in the book.

Still, it’s a fun read, one I enjoyed even on the second time through. Rie Takada previously created Happy Hustle High and Punch! (A complimentary copy for this review was provided by the publisher.)

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