Superhero Photocomic

Union of Heroes is a superhero photocomic from Germany (but in English). I find the idea pretty ludicrous myself — the more realistic superheroes look, the worse they work for me as a reader — but the execution’s not bad (mainly because there’s very little superheroics, at least in the part I sampled).

They publish three pages a week, I’m told. And I have a soft spot for a webcomic that starts with a stranger cooking an omelet with fresh-grown chives. If the most recent Buffy-looking panels don’t interest you, go back to the beginning. The effect on page 17 (maybe 18) is really nifty, while the plot looks a lot like Hero Squared.

2 Responses to “Superhero Photocomic”

  1. Velma Says:

    Maybe I’m just biased, but I couldn’t really get past the first few pages; totally not my thing. The English is a little off… in its sound. And, maybe I’m old fashioned, but I don’t admire comics composed of photos, it seems such a cop-out to drawing well. :/

  2. Arne Schulenberg Says:

    A comment from the creator of Union of Heroes to Velma:
    I’m sorry that Union of Heroes was not your thing!
    Thank you for your comment here, because there are two things I want to say towards your demurs (which will probably be the demurs of other readers, too).
    a) The English sounds a little off.
    Well, you see: I’m not a native English speaker. Unfortunately right at this moment I can not afford the help of a professional translator. I’m trying to translate it the best way I can. I don’t want Union of Heroes to sound “a little off”. I want it to sound the best way possible! So if there is anything wrong with the dialogs: Please, feel free to send me an email and tell me. I will be happy about it and correct it! Thank you.
    b) Photocomics seem as a cop-out to drawing well for you.
    Tell you what: You are right! I can not draw well enough to reach the point of quality I would like to see for Union of Heroes. I can only draw in a funny style which would not fit. But I want to deliver the story in the best way possible! By the help of my photographer and my actors I can achieve exactly the mood I want to see — while still having complete control over the layout and style. (And while having lots of fun during the photoshootings! *g*)
    See it this way: There are many comics out there which are drawn in a not-so-good way. But there are only very few well produced photocomics! I could never reach the “best drawn comic”-spot, ever! Not even the “one of the best 1.000″-spot. But I can reach the one for “one of the best three photocomics”! And that’s my aim!
    Thanks again for your biased comment, Velma! ;-)
    Now I finally have something to put in my faq-section!
    Best regards from Germany!




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