Goodbye, Newsarama Blog

I’m very sorry to hear that the current crew of Blog@Newsarama are leaving. It was the only part of the site I still read, because it seemed like it was done by fans instead of those who only posted company press releases. It seemed real, instead of “rah-rah”. Here’s the key part of their farewell message (link no longer available):

It’s kind of bittersweet, then, to announce that those of us who currently write for the blog are leaving Newsarama. It’s no secret that the site has gone through tremendous growing pains over the last few months and has been moving in a new direction since being purchased by Imaginova. Behind the scenes, there’s been a lot of growing pains as well, and we’ve reached the point where we think it’s better for us to move on. Nov. 30 will be our last day, and starting Dec. 1 you’ll be seeing a new crew take over the site.

There could be a ton of meaning packed into those words, and while I’m immensely curious at the reasons and motivations, I doubt we’ll ever know — nor is it any of our business.

(But my jaded side demands I say that this kind of message usually translates to me as “someone else would do what they wanted cheaper”.)

I am encouraged by this: “You’ll see many of us again, together, most likely in the new year.” I’ll just switch my feed reader from Newsarama’s site to wherever they end up. Good luck, guys, and keep me posted!

Update: JK Parkin spills the beans at Heidi’s — it’s all due to new owners, a lack of communication, bugs not getting fixed, and promised pay raises getting cancelled. I hope Matt got a great payout from Imaginova’s acquisition, because it looks like the long slow road to obscurity for a once-great site started there.

4 Responses to “Goodbye, Newsarama Blog”

  1. Mark Fossen Says:

    I’ll just switch my feed reader from Newsarama’s site to wherever they end up.

    You can say that again, Johanna. It’s a shame to hear the blog is – effectively – closing up. I would think Newsarama understand that the blog was only as good as their writers. Hope to see that crew somewhere else soon.

  2. Heidi M. Says:

    JK Parkin has a much longer statement that I ran at the Beat.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Thanks, Heidi, I just saw that and am adding it. Matt reneging on a deal? That’s not good business, even if it was up to his corporate masters.

  4. Where’s Blog@Newsarama? » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] mean, I quit reading it after the first crew quit and became Robot 6, so it doesn’t affect me, but I found the disappearance very curious. […]




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