Punisher War Zone Interactive Comic

The Punisher: War Zone movie opens Friday, so the studio has launched what they’re calling an interactive comic in which “the final chapter ends with a teaser to the film!”

I’m obviously too old for this — the jittery graphics gave me a headache, and at one point, I couldn’t figure out what to click to proceed. (I had to close the window and relaunch.) I’m not sure what makes it a comic, other than that video images are clipped to resemble panels. As a way to build interest in the film, though, it’s a neat way to present teaser clips. Me, I would rather see a comparison between comic images and the film, but I’m academic that way.

Update: In other digital comic news, Marvel is providing the Punisher Saga for free online. It’s not a proper comic, though, but kind of a Who’s Who.

2 Responses to “Punisher War Zone Interactive Comic”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Thomas Jane did a decent job as the Punisher last time; too bad they didn’t bring him back for this newest installment as well

  2. The Joy (?) of Webcomics: “Bah, humbug!” edition « The Webcomic Overlook Says:

    […] of December … er, Ray Stevenson’s Punisher War Zone movie? (Link care of Ms. Carlson at Comics Worth Reading.) It’s a fairly unreadable series of flash pages with embedded video… hardly qualifying […]




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