KC’s Letter to Santa

At Westfield Comics, KC writes a letter to Santa:

Actually, this is not so much what I want this year … but what I hope and wish for my friends (and even foes, since that’s what it’s all about.) (No, NOT the Hokey Pokey!) in the wacky world of comic books.

So, Santa, even though my “wish list” doesn’t include all that many physical “gifts” per se, by discussing these with you, I’m hoping that you can spread a little of the Santa-magic here and there and make it a great 2009 in the world of funny books!

KC even tracked down the first “letter to customers” explaining why comics had to raise prices. It’s a fascinating slice of history. And at the end, you’ll learn what “Caveat Namor” means.

One Response to “KC’s Letter to Santa”

  1. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Great column KC! But I’m really torn, I would also like for the Watchmen movie to be good. However, the prospect of seeing half the heads in a movie theater explode is pretty cool too. What to do, what to do.




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