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Wow, this is unusual. NPR named five Best Graphic Novels of 2008, and I haven’t read a one of them in full. That hasn’t happened for a while, and it’s a great indicator of just how much wide-ranging material is now available.

Faith Erin Hicks is interviewed about her graphic novel out today, The War at Ellsmere. She talks about how her educational experience influenced her choice of a boarding school setting, and the interviewer points out how refreshing it is to see a book in which two girls struggle without it being over a boy.

Bad times for book business: Layoffs at big publishers. Why do we care? They all put out graphic novels. And newer product lines are usually in more danger in tough times. Even more scary, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt recently froze all acquisitions. (I like them. They publish Alison Bechdel and Posy Simmonds.)

Scott Christian Sava, in a CBR interview, says that IDW is “number three (right behind DC and Marvel) in the comics publishing”. I think Dark Horse and Image would argue with that. (Link via Brigid at Digital Strips, who calls Sava “one of the nicest guys in comics”. That’s only true if you don’t disagree with him on how great his books are.) Another interesting fact: Sava says he’s “put over $150,000 of my own money into” The Dreamland Chronicles and he’s “not even close to getting that back”. Where’d he get it? Animation work (a field he “never really liked”). Now that’s dedication to comics.

TwoMorrows publisher John Morrow, after announcing the end of one magazine yesterday, talks about new directions for his publications in this interview at ComicMix.

there is an aspect of the collector mentality that I think we can further appeal to, without resorting to the speculator market, and focusing on “Wow, look how much this book is worth!”. So you’ll be seeing some new publications from us over the next couple of years that will delve more into the collecting end of the hobby, as opposed to the history. They can go hand-in-hand if we present it correctly, and they’ll complement each other nicely.

That’s a lead-in to announcing a book about original art collecting called Grailpages, due in March. Also coming in May, Comic Book Podcast Companion, which “goes behind the scenes of ten of today’s top comic book podcasts, by interviewing the casts of Around Comics, iFanboy, Comic Geek Speak, and others that are leading the way.”

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  1. ADD Says:

    Good-Bye and Alan’s War will be on my best of the year list as well…great comics, and Alan’s War really took me by surprise with its emotional honesty and the surprising complexity that reflects what it’s like to live a lifetime.

    Pity about that NPR article’s first sentence, though. One could also easily write an article that begins “NPR isn’t just for effete, latte-swilling suburbanites on the way to the food co-op in their hybrid automobiles anymore…”

    But what would be the point?

  2. Scott Christian Sava Says:

    OK Johanna…
    I’ll try this one more time…

    I do NOT hate you. I do NOT care if you don’t like my books. Really.

    We go around in the same circles. We have the same friends.

    I do NOT see the need for you to seemingly “have it in for me”.

    You’ve never liked my work. I’m OK with that.

    The problem I had was when we sent you copies of our books for review and a week later they were up on for sale.

    Other than that…
    Other than that ONE incident…I have no problem with you.

    Is there any way to make peace? Or is this something I just have to live with?

    Either way. I wish you all the success you deserve. And I hope we can somehow find a way to be civil to eachother (both in person and online).


  3. Johanna Says:

    Since we’re repeating ourselves — I don’t have it in for you. In fact, I linked to the interview because I admire the way you were willing to be so open about money, which many people are not.

    My point in commenting on Brigid’s comment was twofold: 1. everybody’s had a bad day interacting with people and 2. neither one of those statements, mine or hers, mean much without context. (My comments on the review copies can be found here.)

    I’m sorry now I brought it up. Obviously, my points got lost in DRAMA! If I did it again, I’d phrase things much more clearly. And sure, I’d love to go forward with a clean slate.

  4. Scott Christian Sava Says:

    Thanks Johanna!

    To be honest…I had no idea you quoted me in that post almost 2 years ago…ha ha.

    That does change things. You actually read the comment and talked about it. Thank you.

    Looking forward to the clean slate and hopefully meeting you at a con. I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee or tea or something.


    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Johanna Says:

    You’re working with the Kids Love Comics folks at cons sometimes, right? I’m sure we’ll run into each other and I can apologize in person. :)




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