Tokyopop Bribes Readers to Influence Award Voting

Want to enter the Tokyopop “X-treme X-mas Gift Giveaway” sweepstakes (link no longer available)? Here are the requirements:

-Participants must be a member of
-Members must have the “Newsblast” box check on their profile
-Cast your vote for the nominated TOKYOPOP titles for the Nickelodeon Magazine Comic Awards.

In other words, you must

  • Increase their site membership so their figures look better to advertisers.
  • Allow them to send you advertisements for whatever the latest Princess Ai merchandise is.
  • Raise their standings in the first-ever Nickelodeon Magazine Comic Awards.

Nothing like bribing your readers to stuff the ballot box, hmmm? I went and voted in the awards just to vote against Tokyopop.

That’s one weird awards, too. It starts off simply with Best Graphic Novel and Best Comic Book Series (Archie, Batman, Simpsons, Spider-Man, or Star Wars comics), and I guess there’s nothing wrong with the “Cutest Character” category, but the fifth category is Best Hair in Comics, for which were nominated Calvin, Kakashi Hatake from Naruto, Storm, and Veronica. Wow, diversity! Something old, something new, something icy, and something blue (blood).

There’s also “Grossest Thing in Comics”, Best Comic Strip, Best Manga, and Favorite Fantasy Graphic Novel (why call that genre out separate unless it’s to make more publishers happy?). Based on the nominations, someone really liked reading Bone. Winners are announced on March 17 on the website.


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  2. Why must you hate on TOKYOPOP? I’m a big fan of the manga/anime industry and with the hard times the industry is facing, I’ll support any cause to help the industry stay alive. Especially titles that are worth voting for- Fruits Basket and Kingdom Hearts. Huge manga titles that deserve recognition since they fuel the industry. Do you not have bigger industry news to cover? Do you lack critical content? Or are you just writing this to get yourself published and promoted on Google alerts to help increase and drive traffic to your site as well? I would not really consider this as a bribe from TOKYOPOP but as a “Thank You” to their fans

  3. Oh and if you know anything about the industry…the name “TOKYOPOP” is spelled all in caps.

  4. This is absolutely pathetic. I am completely outraged. What were they THINKING?

    Rogue’s hair is WAY cooler than Storm’s! Yeesh!

  5. Just because a publisher (or group) decides they’re so special that they don’t need to follow standard rules of capitalization or punctuation, I am not obligated to go along with their delusion. :)

  6. Tokyopop lacks an incredible amount of moral fiber to begin with, so this isn’t surprising in the least :l

  7. That was very perceptive of you to notice. That kind of game plan was quite clever on T-pop’s front, but now that I know, I’ll vote for non-Tpop books, too :)

    And this Judy character probably works for Tpop. Tpop using this as a thank-you? Puh-leaze. They’re trying to gather more money for promotion of Princess Ai, but the fans still get pushed in the mud while their fave series are canceled.

    I also reserve the right to write Tpop however I want to! So there!

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