Salt Water Taffy 2: A Climb Up Mt. Barnabas

The second book in the Salt Water Taffy series is just as good as the first. It’s terrific to see Matthew Loux continuing to capture an exciting sense of childhood adventure in his uniquely thick-line style.

Salt Water Taffy 2 A Climb up Mt. Barnabas cover
Salt Water Taffy 2
A Climb up Mt. Barnabas
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Jack and Benny are hiking with their parents in Maine, but as in the first book, things are not exactly normal. Oh, oblivious Dad telling pointless stories about his childhood is something most people can relate to, but the grumpy talking bird, not so much. All the wildlife talks in this series, by the way, many with personalities suited to their species.

Mt. Barnabas is a local legend, a peak too steep and dangerous to climb, with various spooky tales told about those who tried. Jealous of his kids’ interest in local salty tale-spinner Angus, Dad tells an unbelievable story about a giant golden eagle and his fishing hat, which starts off the whole excursion.

In their quest to reach the top of the mountain, the boys experience excitement, danger from a hungry wolf, the need to solve problems to determine the next path, teamwork, and friendship from helpful lobsters.

For me, it’s more fun to read summer adventures during the warmer months; looking at this story now, I feel more removed from the tale than I’d like. But I’m anticipating enjoying rereading both of the books in the series next summer and living vicariously through them. What a great choice for reading on a family vacation trip or during a camp stay!

A preview is available at the publisher’s website, and here’s a review by Greg McElhatton. (A complimentary online copy for this review was provided by the publisher.)

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