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Congratulations to SLG Publishing on the opening of their new Boutiki. I wish I had a cool comic publisher in town to open their own neat-design store. (Chris?)

I like Webcomic Overlook’s call for more discussion about the art of criticism, but I’m not sure how productive it would be — how do you convince someone on either side (“criticism has worth/no it doesn’t”) of the opposite view? I do owe that blog a thank-you for the podcast link, though — I knew the first part of Scott Kurtz’s story (being part of it) but I had no idea of the punchline! Nor was I aware of how complimentary Scott was. Made me cry, it did.

Ragnell on the virtues of trolls and the illusory nature of friends-only posting. Some thought-provoking material there.

I miss you too! And so cool to hear about kids reading comics!

How Francoise Mouly fell in love with Art Spiegelman over Little Nemo. Awww… reading to each other. How comfortable and comforting.

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