On Vacation

After a long period of daily updates to this site (or darn close), I’m taking a brief vacation to recharge. Posting will resume on Friday, December 19.

In the meantime, please feel free to browse the archives (found at the bottom of each page). And thank you all for reading the site.

9 Responses to “On Vacation”

  1. Melinda Beasi Says:

    Have a great vacation! We’ll look forward to your return!

  2. jennifer Says:

    I am not big on commenting, but I read all of your entries. Thanks so much for a great blog and enjoy your time off!

  3. James Schee Says:

    Long period? Heck its been at least 4 years of nearly every day posting! You deserve a break!

    Have fun with family, friends and the like. Especially at this time of year. Don’t worry we readers will be here, ready to enjoy a re-energized Johanna when you’re ready.

  4. Eddie Mitchell Says:

    Enjoy yourself!

  5. Johanna Says:

    Thanks very much! I’m back!

  6. shirley clarke Says:

    You liked SugarBuzz, didn’t you? Have you seen this:


    woodrow phoenix writing/drawing a weekly color strip for a British newspaper. Nice!

  7. Rivkah Says:

    Have fun! You most certainly deserve it!

  8. Rivkah Says:

    And second what Jennifer says. CWR is the only site that I check every day, even if I don’t always comment. The variety in material and the fact that you, Johanna, seem to have such similar tastes to myself, makes this my #1 site for figuring out what to read or watch next.

    I’ve taken to reading The Longstockings in your absence to continue my YA reading fix. :)

  9. Johanna Says:

    Oh, thank you very much, to you and all my readers. I appreciate your loyalty.




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