Read 2000 AD Free Online

To promote putting 11 of their recent issues online (for purchase at $2.99 each, vs. a U.S. print cover price of $4.50), the long-running British anthology 2000 AD has made the first one downloadable for free. They self-describe as a “weird blend of pop culture, sci-fi and wry black humor”, and they were smart enough to start with an issue where several stories begin (which can be a concern when sampling anthologies).

You still have to create an account at Some will be severely disappointed that the site uses Comic Sans for their navigation.

2 Responses to “Read 2000 AD Free Online”

  1. Charles RB Says:

    Unfortunately this means it starts with Stalag 666, which was not the most popular of titles! Oh well, can’t be helped, and the Dredd and Red Seas stories are pretty good.

  2. Roland Styles Says:

    Living in South Africa, I used to read these years ago. I always regretted getting rid of my ‘stash’.




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