First Second’s 2009 Graphic Novels & Manga

First Second has announced its seventh (!) season of books for Spring 2009.

For the first time, they’ll be publishing manga. Well, manhwa. Kim Dong Hwa’s “trilogy about a girl coming of age, set in the vibrant, beautiful landscape of pastoral Korea” starts in April with The Color of Earth. It’s about Ehwa growing up and learning to love as she helps her widowed mother run a tavern. Lovely art.

The final book, The Color of Heaven, is due in September. All three are $16.95 for 320 black-and-white pages.

Coming in April is another how-to-draw book, this one out of the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. It’s by James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, and Alexis Frederick-Frost. Adventures in Cartooning: How to Turn Your Doodles Into Comics looks fun… and more importantly, achievable … for $12.95 for 112 color pages.

The book I’m most excited by, though is The Eternal Smile. Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese) and Derek Kirk Kim (Same Difference & Other Stories) team up with three stories, drawn by Kim in three different styles.

One of them is Duncan’s Kingdom, a two-issue Image comic from 1999 that had an interesting take on the fantasy genre. I’m very glad to see it back in print. All of the stories involve how imagination affects reality. ($16.95, 176 pages)

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