House of Mystery #8

Although labeled as part 3 of however many, this issue is pretty much a stand-alone story with various “oooh, bigger spooky things going on” trimmings around the frame.

House of Mystery #8

Harry, the bartender, reveals his early days in the house in the company of Abel (and Goldie!) in a piece illustrated by Henry Flint (Haunted Tank).

I really love the way writer Matthew Sturges makes the smaller scenes interesting to read. I’m sure that they add up to a bigger picture (if I remembered everything from earlier issues, which I don’t) or provide interesting hints to future revelations, but even not grasping either of those, I still stay involved in them due to the dialogue and the characters. And then there’s the humor, like catching nightmares in a Bundt pan. (Well, why not?)

I know I’ll like this more when I read it in bigger chunks, so I can better follow the overall storyline of what actually is going on with the house, but it’s still one of the very few comics I get monthly because I appreciate the skill with which it’s told. I’m not left feeling left out, which is sadly rare these days.

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