Wonder Woman Companion Cancelled

A couple of months ago, I was excited to hear about TwoMorrows’ Wonder Woman Companion by Andy Mangels. Now, I’ve noticed that it’s been cancelled:

No further news is available. Andy Mangels regrets that the decision was made.

(Here’s the original description via Google cache.)

That’s a shame. I wonder if DC was behind that decision. It wouldn’t be the first time that they pulled a cease-and-desist on a fan project that was more complete than what they were putting out. (Note: this is pure speculation on my part, that it was due to action by DC Comics.)

4 Responses to “Wonder Woman Companion Cancelled”

  1. Ray Cornwall Says:

    Given that TwoMorrows just cancelled Write Now (a magazine I really liked), it could also be a projected sales thing. I love all of TwoMorrows projects, but it may be that the marketplace isn’t supporting the companions. Given that DC didn’t cancel the Hawkman, Legion, Flash, All Star, or JLA companions, I’m betting more on it being an economic decision.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Yet DC forced the delay of the Batman book. It may be that they’re more proactive on the “bigger” characters — especially one that has an original movie coming out in March. Or it could even be a combination: for example (again, purely speculating), DC said “you have to delay” and TwoMorrows decided to cancel instead of holding off indefinitely.

  3. Kelson Says:

    My third-hand understanding from contributing to the Flash Companion is that TwoMorrows runs all their Companion books by DC Legal to start with, and that DC has recently decided to cut back on the number of that type of book per year that they would approve. It could have fallen victim to that.

  4. Dwight Williams Says:

    if that’s all the problem – or “problem”? – is, then it’s just a matter of time before it does see print anyway.




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