New Comic Site Aggregator

PopCultureShock has launched Comixup, featuring “reviews, previews, news, features & commentary from the web’s best comic sites & blogs”. I’m honored to be included.

Comixup logo

No offense to the already-running Update-a-Tron, but Comixup includes a bit of article summary as well as the title and site name, and a smaller, selective listing may be of use to some.

4 Responses to “New Comic Site Aggregator”

  1. Tim O'Shea Says:

    Cool beans, thanks for the headsup about this Johanna.

  2. Jon Haehnle Says:

    Thanks for the plug Johanna, although the site hasn’t officially launched just yet :) Still, if anyone checks it out and has comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to send them to me as I get ready to finalize everything (chanzero at gmail)

  3. Jon Haehnle Says:

    We are go! Thanks again Johanna

  4. Solid Sting Says:

    I have been meaning to find sites that review webcomics. There are so many out there and so many one them stink. Nothing as good as dilbert though




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