Read Hexed for Free Same Day It’s on Sale

Hexed #1 comes out from Boom! Studios today. That means it’s on sale at your local comic shop.

Hexed Cover A

Hexed #1

However, just as they did for North Wind (in a very successful promotion), every issue of Hexed will also be available same day online for free.

Today, after 2 PM Eastern time, the first issue of Hexed will be posted at MySpace Comic Books. The other three issues in the miniseries will follow as they’re released online and in stores simultaneously.

To assuage retailer annoyance, Boom! is also giving free copies to stores to sell for 100% profit. The top 500 stores in the country will get five extra copies for free. That’s 2,500 copies that the publisher is giving away. That’s a complete print run for a smaller company.

Plus, Hexed #1 will be completely returnable. I suspect that’s to pacify those who complain that they wouldn’t have ordered the book if they knew it would also be given away for free. Only, if history holds, the loudest complainers tend not to have ordered very many in the first place.

Hexed is a decent read. Especially for free. You should check it out.

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