Wanted Promo Clips
January 14, 2009

These “behind the scenes” Wanted clips make it look like a fun action movie. First, explaining the premise:

Next, filming a car stunt:

But then I remember the comic it’s based on was written by Mark Millar, and all my interest goes away.

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Tim O'Shea writes:  

You’re not alone, trust me.

Ryan writes:  

Unfortunately, I read the comic after seeing the movie, complaining about the movie and being told the comic was completely different and oodles better.

Well, it is completely different. Completely. One has nothing to do with the other.

Whatever pat on the back Mark Millar was trying to give himself for Hollywood adapting his story… I honestly don’t know why they bothered to keep the name, etc… aside from some perception that “based on the comic” sells tickets.

Rich Johnston writes:  

Ryan, the first half hour is very close to the comic indeed. Then it deviates widely, before having a very similar ending.

The Kick Ass film looks a lot closer. In some cases, the movie script is just cut and paste.

ADD writes:  

It’s an action movie, Johanna, but it’s not fun.

Johanna writes:  

Two accomplishments of this post, then: I got an opinion check, thank you, and I learned how to do standard-compliant YouTube embeds.

fontgoddess writes:  

I kinda had fun watching Wanted . . . but then I didn’t expect anything but a film directed by the same guy who did Nightwatch. The plot is completely silly, but, again, I had a good time watching it.

Melton writes:  

“But then I remember the comic it’s based on was written by Mark Millar, and all my interest goes away.”

That may very well be the best written review of this movie that has ever been published.

Ryan writes:  

My understanding is that they bought the rights and got going on a script before the comic was anywhere close to completion. I am sure once it became clear that Wanted was a DC Elseworlds story that would make no sense to anyone but comic fans, there was some serious buyers remorse.


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