Hi and Lois on Superhero Trends

Today’s Hi and Lois is surprisingly timely, given recent debates about superhero morality:

Hi and Lois

Odd that there’s no seeming awareness that there already is a fairly well-known Iceman.

4 Responses to “Hi and Lois on Superhero Trends”

  1. caleb Says:

    Was Chip making a joke when he said “That’s cool,” or no? If not, you missed a pun, Chip!

  2. Mike Chary Says:

    Odd, the kid seems a bit young for Eugene O’Neill…

  3. David Oakes Says:

    Two “fairly” well-known Icemen. My youngest has created the entire Iceman Family, right down to Snow Dog (with cape) and Ice Cat (no stripe) in support of his last Halloween costume.

    Iceman Cool Fact #27: In his secret identity, Iceman works as a gourmet chef.

  4. Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources - Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment » Comics A.M. | The comics Internet in two minutes Says:

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