Mijeong Preview

NBM ComicsLit will be publishing Mijeong in April, a 240-page manhwa by Byun Byung-Jun (Run, Bong-Gu, Run!) priced at $19.95 US.

It’s described as follows:

In Chinese, ‘Mijeong’ means ‘pure beauty.’ In the cold city, young people’s lives cross and spark for brief moments in this remarkably drawn graphic novel. Wounded characters, squashed by the daily hard realities of urban living whose destinies take sudden unannounced turns but their inner flames shine bright and wild, even for a brief time. From the girl who deals sensitively with an older man obsessed by youth to the group of friends who find their friend has committed suicide but feel they might get implicated, this engrossing collection of stories will transfix and move you deeply.

Here I have a 14-page preview for you to check out. (Click the thumbnails for larger pages.) The publisher’s website has additional pages.

Mijeong 1Mijeong 2Mijeong 3Mijeong 4Mijeong 5Mijeong 6Mijeong 7Mijeong 8Mijeong 9Mijeong 10Mijeong 11Mijeong 12Mijeong 13Mijeong 14


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  3. Johanna,

    I’m sold. Any story where we can see what cats are thinking has me hooked.

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  5. Uhh, it’s Korean, not Chinese… ;)

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