Super Friends Video Clip
January 27, 2009

To go along with KC’s review of the new Super Friends DVD set, here’s a clip with Superman and Aquaman:

Superman’s face looks odd as he talks, but hey! Aquaman’s got a jet ski to go along with his “keen aquatic senses”! And I dig that Ted Knight narration.

3 Responses  
joecab writes:  

But why would Aquaman need a je…. y’know I just have to let the nostalgia wash over me and stop asking questions.

Johanna writes:  

I have one possible answer for that: action figure!

joecab writes:  

Oh you reminded me of the Supermobile! The toy folks wanted to give Superman some sort of vehicle they could peddle, so he got stuck with the terrible and unnecessary Supermobile: http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Supermobile

It even made an appearnce on Super Friends. The problem was Danny Dark (Superman’s voice actor) kept mispronouncing it as “Super MO-bil” rather than “Mo-BEEL,” so it sounded like Supes was riding in a super-kinetic art sculpture rather than a souped-up car.



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