Story Idea

Holidate. A nice young man only sees a beautiful woman on holidays, because that’s when her rich, married boyfriend spends time with his family.

Need to figure out: Why’s he available on holidays?

Possible twists: A nice young woman instead of a nice young man.
Sub-twist A: Their friendship deepens into something more. (It’s Brokeback Mountain via Sex in the City!)
Sub-twist B: Opposites attract. The nice young woman is an activist college student demonstrating against the excesses of capitalism and the objectification of women.

Another twist, the ironic ending: The beautiful woman makes good (I’m sure she wants to be an actress or model or singer or something), sends rich guy back to his wife, marries well, and starts keeping her own young man on the side. (Inspired by Material Girl.)

Because I don’t know what else to do with any of this, I’m sharing it. Fly, little idea, be free.

8 Responses to “Story Idea”

  1. Matt Blind Says:

    …works as a window dresser.

    Has to work like a dog for the 2-3 days (or a week) before — but when the actual holiday rolls around, there is nothing to do but step back, appreciate the presentation, and ‘meet cute’ with the lonely young lead who has been literally left wanting on the curb in front of his/her store.

    If it’s a major department store with a well-known window display, then our earnest window-dresser always has to work for the next holiday or psuedo-holiday (president’s day isn’t quite christmas) but the needs of the calendar lends a natural rhythm to the story — maybe the Miss is a model dating the owner of the Department Store; she and the Lead only meet in a series of cocktail parties to celebrate each ‘holiday’ — they never meet each other socially, or in a professional capacity; only in the artificial observations of the so called holidays every six weeks or so.

    Sort of a modern-day “Holiday Inn”, if you recognise the reference to the Astaire movie and not just to the corporate chain that followed…

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, I like that. I was hoping people would play along in a kind of shared storytelling.

  3. gary Says:

    they are actually meeting every holiday doing charity work ie soup kitchen

    ironic twist: he’s there because he has to perform community service

  4. steve B. Says:

    Make them Jewish and have it so that they only get together on Shabbas. Call it Shabbooty Call.

  5. Rivkah Says:

    Male Protagonist is actually a hit man hired to take out Female Protagonist on the wife’s orders, but of course, he falls in love and ends up trying to take out the boyfriend instead. Plot Twist: Boyfriend’s wife is Male Protagonist’s ex-wife who’s actually trying to get him arrested and thrown in jail so she’ll no longer have to pay alimony. Two birds with one stone. Plans backfire for all. 50’s style bungled antic comedy ensues.

  6. Johanna Says:

    Well, that’s a bit different from the romantic comedy *I* was envisioning, but different strokes make the world go round. :)

  7. James Schee Says:

    He’s a workaholic whose job and drive leaves him little free time or any kind of personal life. On holidays his work is shut down, his few friends (all coworkers) are with their own families, so he feels lost.

    The two meet because she dropped her cellphone in the parking lot of one of those food places that never close. He picks it up and returns it to her. She makes him let her buy his lunch as thanks, and the two hit it off in their mutual hate of holidays (for its life interruption) and drive to succeed. (she wants to be a singer, hence her patience with the rich, married boyfriend who is a record producer)

    The two agree to share the holidays together, so they won’t be alone, sharing where they have gotten in their pursuits.

    Everything’s great, they only meet on holidays and are caught up in the specialness of their relationship. Then one holiday he just doesn’t show up at their meeting place. She then realizes how much she’s come to look forward to the time with him. Now she wonders what happened, and whether she has the right to find out.

  8. Johanna Says:

    Sniff. I like your twist.




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