Absolute V for Vendetta Expanded

On August 19, DC will release the V for Vendetta Absolute Edition.

Absolute V for Vendetta cover
Absolute V for Vendetta
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When originally announced, the project seemed to confuse customers. There’s an existing $30 hardcover edition with 296 pages. The Absolute was slipcased and oversized but just the same 296 pages for $100. Was DC really asking customers to pay an extra $70 just for a bigger print size?

Today, they announced there will be an additional 100 pages in the Absolute with no price change.

This new material includes all of David Lloyd’s silent art pages from the original comic book series, which were not included in the collected editions and have not been seen since the series’ original publication by DC Comics in 1988-1989. In addition, an expanded version of the sketchbook section from the hardcover will be included, as well as all of the back cover art from the original issues.

Along with these new pages, the Absolute edition features the improved production values and coloring from the 2005 hardcover edition for optimum enjoyment of the stunning art and story

That’s a nice bonus. It’s unfortunate that, due to Alan Moore’s dislike for the publisher, there’s no possibility of text-related extras, because customers seem to really like those. The art is amazing, but the story is what sticks with people.

Retailer orders are due Thursday with code JAN09 0275.

4 Responses to “Absolute V for Vendetta Expanded”

  1. Jarrett Duncan Says:

    …whoa, I just got the most obnoxious webcam girl ad (WITH AUDIO!) on the bottom right hand side on the page.

  2. ADD Says:

    “Improved production values and coloring from the 2005 hardcover edition?” Does that mean I can trade in my apparently subpar hardcover for credit toward this edition?

  3. Johanna Says:

    No, I think what they’re saying is that the 2005 edition had improved production from previous reprints, and that same art is used here as well.

    (I don’t know where that ad is from — I’ve never seen it. If you noted the related domain, I’ll be happy to block it. Sorry you had to see it.)

  4. Rich Johnston Says:

    Those silent art pages were the greatest addition the DC publication brought to the series. Shame they haven’t plumped for a B&W version though (with the painted covers in colour) – that I would have splashed out for. Comparing the Warrior pages to the DC pages was always disappointing.




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