Archie Plays Rock Band

Archie & Friends #130

Archie & Friends #130 and #131 will be a two-part story featuring a battle of comic book bands: The Archies and Josie & the Pussycats face off over a music video game. Here are the issue descriptions:

Can the real rockers excel in the virtual world as well as they rock out in the real world? And what will happen when the media — specifically a reality show producer friend of Mr. Lodge — and the whole world takes notice?!

[In part two:] The video game battle of the bands from the previous issue rages on… but now the event is broadcast on TV! Now their competition is a reality show sensation, complete with all the trappings. Can the rockers stay true to their creative roots, or will instant success turn them into an assembly line of pre-fab pop?

That’s a pretty gutsy story description given that the Archies only existed as a band because producer Don Kirschner found the Monkees too difficult to control.

Archie & Friends #131

Archie’s always chased fads, but at least they’re getting faster about it. And I welcome the chance to see the Archie gang hang out with Josie and her friends. That cover to #131, showing the bands playing together, makes me happy, and I hope it’s accurately representative of the insides.

The comics are $2.50 each, written by Stephen Oswald with art by Bill Galvan. Part one will be in comic shops on April 8, with the second following on May 6.

I do have to point out, though, that sending out a press release with the following first paragraph looks like someone needed to work their class essay homework into their job:

Arcade games have long been a source of amusement and entertainment, dating back to the 1920s with ball toss games, air-shooting games, and games of chance. As the years went on, more bells and whistles were literally added through innovations like pinball machines up through electronic games like Pong and Spaced Invaders [sic]. By the late 1970s, such games were not confined to arcades. Game systems for home use, to be played through television sets, soon took the nation by storm. In the thirty or so years since, both arcade games and home systems kept pushing the envelope, improving their graphics with the latest state-of-the art CGI animation as well as programming ever-complex levels of play.

That’s what’s known as “burying the lead”. In this case, so deep excavating it required a bulldozer.

6 Responses to “Archie Plays Rock Band”

  1. Bill D. Says:

    Given how much my 3 year old loves watching Josie on Boomerang, I may have to get these for him.

  2. james,jones,or Mccoy Says:

    I always wondered how anyone could visually tell the difference between Alexander and Reggie. Now I know.
    Will we finally find out if Josie James?McCoy?JONES is related to Forsythe P.”Jughead” Jones? I once heard that they were cousins but never ever saw a comic that substantiated the claim. I know Archie’s mother’s sister is the mother of that Wilkin’s boy. Has anyone even seen a Pussycats Mother?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Whoa! Archie can’t be Bingo Wilkin’s Cousin because I know for a fact that in a few of my archie’s Jughead is Bingo’s cousin. Unless Jughead and Archie are related (which i very highly doubt) this doesn’t make any sense

  4. james,jones,or Mccoy Says:

    I knew there was some kind of relationship between Bingo and the Archie gang. It has been a very long time since I read them. I accept your correction and apologize for my mistake. So,does this mean Josie is a cousin to Jughead AND Bingo? I definitely have an old Digest with her as Josie Jones, and Jughead is a Jones….
    I just bought and read part 2 of the Battle of the Bands and was very disappointed by it. Even if I was still a kid I don’t think I would have liked it. Was It too much of a challenge to come up with some Lyrics for them to sing? Having the static pictures of them in performance just comes off as a lot of lazy writing. There’s at least twenty Archie songs,and thirty songs used in the Josie movie and tv series. Would it have been so difficult to do a bit of research and acquired the rights to use them?

  5. Johanna Says:

    They used song lyrics recently in another of the titles, so I think it was just the writer. I too was very disappointed by this story… it had a lot of potential that was wasted.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I have a few old archie’s myself in which Josie was “Josie Jones” I don’t think they are related though, I think this is just the writers are so unimaginative that they have to repeatedly use last names over and over because I’m positive a that lots of the one time characters were named “Jones” too.

    Also I’ve read both of the battle of the bands stories and the second one was even worse. First they start out all friendly, then they start getting mad at each other, then make up again for no reason. One part I found Josie doing a guitar solo and then saying afterwards when the crowd is completely silent, something like “I guess you’re not ready for that, but you’re kids will love it” Is it just me or is that a completely unfunny attempt at using that line from “Back to the Future”




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