2009 Glyph Comic Awards Nominees Announced

Organizer Rich Watson has announced the nominees for the 2009 Glyph Comics Awards, honoring the best in black comics and creators. Winners will be announced at a ceremony held May 15, 2009, as part of the East Coast Black Age of Comics Con.

Glyph Comics Awards logo

As is typical of smaller awards, many of the same names show up in several of the categories. I did find it interesting that the awards make little distinction among format, with the Zuda webcomic Bayou being considered in the same categories as, for example, the original print graphic novel Incognegro.

Jeremy Love’s Bayou was one of the judges’ favorites, obviously, nominated in the five categories Story of the Year, Best Writer, Best Artist, Best Comic Strip, and Best Female Character. Incognegro was similarly nominated in four: Story of the Year, Best Writer (Mat Johnson), Best Artist (Warren Pleece), and Best Male Character.

The three remaining Story of the Year nominees duplicate the Best Writer category, which is a nice acknowledgment to the power of the text author, but makes one wonder whether both are needed.

I’m not going to copy the whole list of nominees here, but I would like to point out that adding links to the original posting would be of benefit, especially in categories, like Rising Star, with lesser-known nominees. Instead, let’s jump ahead to the point where you can vote: the Fan Award for Best Comic. Out of

  • Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #33-35
  • Pilot Season: Genius
  • Presidential Material: Barack Obama
  • Vixen: Return of the Lion
  • Young Avengers Presents #1

I encourage you to vote for Vixen. Genius and the President comic are recognized in other categories, and I don’t recall enough about Iron Man to know why it’s worthwhile here. But Vixen did something very different with the usual “superhero rediscovers their past” story. Vote before March 31 to have your vote counted.

4 Responses to “2009 Glyph Comic Awards Nominees Announced”

  1. Suzene Says:

    I’m a bit surprised at Genius getting a nod for best story when, IIRC, the only thing released thusfar has been the introductory issue.

  2. Johanna Says:

    That’s one of the many tough things about judging serial comics. You never know if something promising is going to turn out the same way it looked at the start.

    Also, judges can be influenced by what material they have access to. From my time in that slot, I remember DC supporting the awards by sending plenty of comics as nominees, while other companies, not so much.

  3. josh Says:

    re: iron man, a.k.a. war machine, weapon of shield

    rhodey takes on a mess of skrulls.

  4. 2009 Glyph Comics Awards Winners Announced; Bayou Sweeps » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Zuda’s Bayou, by Jeremy Love, swept the awards, winning all five categories it was nominated in: Story of the Year, Best Writer, Best Artist, Best Comic Strip, and Best Female […]




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