Marvel Super Hero Squad Gets Cartoon
February 19, 2009

The Marvel Super Hero Squad began as an action figure line in 2007, only the heroes were super-deformed to make them younger and cuter-looking. They’re more cartoony and generally seem happier.

Marvel’s putting out comics and posters with these versions of the characters. And now, the Cartoon Network has announced a 26-episode animated series later this year.

Marvel Super Hero Squad is an action-packed show featuring super-stylized versions of its most popular characters including Captain America, Silver Surfer, Hulk, Wolverine, and Iron Man.

When the greatest heroes on the planet unite to face the world’s greatest villains, you get the biggest, most family-friendly Super Hero team-up in TV history… Super Hero Squad. It’s no small job protecting Super Hero City from VillainVille’s infamous criminals… but Iron Man, Wolverine, the Hulk, the Silver Surfer, Thor, and the Falcon are always up for the job.

Shouting “Hero Up!” as they rush into battle, the Squad must keep Dr. Doom’s allies from gathering pieces of the Infinity Sword. Otherwise, Doom will use the Sword to rule the universe! Luckily, the City is filled with Marvel Super Hero guest-stars to help out in a pinch. These brave heroes totally deliver the action — but with plenty of humor on the side.

Super Hero City? Really? And where are the girls?

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Jesse Reese writes:  

I was reading some of these over at Marvel’s website and they were pretty funny. Too bad newspapers are dead because they’d make for a decent strip.

But why didn’t Mini Marvels turn into this? That was an AMAZING comic.

Ray Cornwall writes:  

“Hero Up!” is my new favorite term.

Also, I have lots of these figures littering my desk. Like 50. I have no shame. They are awesome.

There are lovely girl figures in the set- a few Elektras (which is kind of weird for a kiddie action figure, actually), Jean Grey, Invisible Girl, Ms. Marvel, Rogue, Emma Frost, Storm, and the Black Widow. I’m sure some of them will be in the cartoon.

Paploo writes:  

It seems that Ms.Marvel will have a recurring role as part of the team like Captain America, though it appears other female superheroes will just be occasional guest stars like Storm.

Paploo writes:  

PS— things are not helped by having Ms.Marvel get killed off [and replaced by a villan] in the comics around the same time she gets to be a cartoon star.

Ed Sizemore writes:  

Why is Captain America Red, White and Grey? Also, I wish they had gone with the classic red and gold for Iron Man.

Ray Cornwall writes:  

That’s not the Cap figure- that’s US Agent. There are multiple Cap figures in the red, white, and blue. Same with Iron Man- in fact, there’s original gray and gold Iron Men, along with a Hulkbusterm and the classic red and gold. There are lots of figures- that pic only shows one of the waves.

Johanna writes:  

Yeah, I just grabbed a picture that had lots of people that I found quickly.

I admit, I find what I’ve seen of this too young — like Jesse, I preferred the multiple levels of mini-Marvels.

kjchen writes:  

I’ll be on the lookout for the cartoon, but for my money, Mighty Muggs are where it’s at.

(Not sure if I can embed HTML in a post, so…)


Ed Sizemore writes:  

Thanks for the clarification Ray. I’ll have to go by Toys-R-Us and see what’s available.

kachi writes:  

can i make my own


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