Call for Submissions: Android Comics for Google Phones

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Android Comics, “the first publisher of comics for Google Android powered mobiles, such as the HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1″, is seeking submissions. (I have no idea if they have permission to use Google’s OS name and logo the way they do, by the way.)

[W]e are actively looking for new comic titles to add to our inventory, either to offer for free or to sell for a small fee. In most cases, we simply act as a non-exclusive distributor who only asks the right to copy, distribute, and transmit the work for mobile phones.

They say they take no piece of the intellectual property and do not require exclusivity. They will adapt work from established creators (by their definition, someone who “has been published by a known publisher or has a popular web presence and a wealthy archive of material”) and/or publishers of print or webcomics, or they will accept proposals (finished screens, not plots) from non-established creators.

Update: It’s now Robot Comics with a corresponding URL change. I guess they didn’t have permission after all.

2 Responses to “Call for Submissions: Android Comics for Google Phones”

  1. Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources - Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment » Slash Print | Following the digital evolution Says:

    […] Digital comics | Robot Comics (no relation), “the first publisher of comics for Android-powered mobiles,” is seeking submissions. Android is Google’s software platform for mobile devices. Comics, games and other applications can be downloaded at Android Market. Last month BOOM! Studios announced it had partnered with iVerse Media to offer Hexed #1 on Android. (via Johanna Draper Carlson) […]

  2. Hermes Pique Says:

    Thank you Johanna for the shout-out. What started as a proof-of-concept quickly grew into a viable model of business. To better reflect that we will be publishing comics in other mobile platforms, and to avoid any confusion with Google, we are in the process of changing our name to Robot Comics.




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