Where’s Blog@Newsarama?

I knew of two ways to get to Newsarama’s blog: Go to Newsarama’s site and click the “Blog” tab, or visit blog.newsarama.com. Now both are sending me to the Space.com “community”. Going to newsarama.com/blog gives a 403 – You don’t have permission to access message. Has Blog@Newsarama gone defunct? Or did someone just misconfigure something badly?

I mean, I quit reading it after the first crew quit and became Robot 6, so it doesn’t affect me, but I found the disappearance very curious.

Update: The site is back. One of its contributers commented that the temporary absence was due to “server updates”.

8 Responses to “Where’s Blog@Newsarama?”

  1. Paul O'Brien Says:

    Yup, the RSS feed seems to have gone dead as well. Mind you, with the quality of the Newsarama site generally, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was just another piece of dodgy site design.

  2. Ray Cornwall Says:

    Looks like it’s now blog.newsarama.com…granted, it’s still just as awful.

  3. Sarah J Says:

    We’re back now. Server updates.

    So thanks for the constructive criticism, Ray.

  4. caleb Says:

    Er, if you quit reading Blog@Newsarama three months ago, why were you trying to visit it exactly, Johanna? Do you just like to look at the pictures, or…?

  5. Johanna Says:

    I was trying to visit it because I was checking out the report that it was missing. Would you rather I’d have posted something without verifying it, just based on secondhand info? :)

  6. caleb Says:

    Heh. No, it just struck me as an odd thing to mention: I am now going to report something I consider important enough to blog about but which, by the way, I don’t actually personally care about at all, you know?

  7. Johanna Says:

    Oh, the “I don’t read it” was my way of covering in case there’d been a post on Monday saying “we’re going to be down for half a day Tuesday for maintenance” or something similar.

  8. The Signal Watch - Week 3/5/2009 | Phantom Comics Says:

    […] off right, but I completely forgot that the new crew at Blog@Newsarama was still functioning until Johanna made comment of their momentary disappearance. But I also spend about 1/5th of the time on Newsarama that Idid […]




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