Naruto Shippuden Episode Runs Same Day in US and Japan

Tomorrow, March 26, the US Naruto website will simulcast Naruto Shippuden Episode 101 (with English subtitles) at the same time it airs in Japan. In Canada, it will be available on From the press release:

Naruto Anime

[T]his special simulcast is part of VIZ Media’s ongoing plan to bring hit animated properties and the latest content to its audience via the web. … Says Ken Sasaki, Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, VIZ Media, “The website is the ultimate destination for anything NARUTO and currently contains nearly 100 full-length NARUTO episodes, all offered in high quality streaming video, and is completely free for viewers.”

This strategy has often been discussed as a way to battle fansubs, reducing the time between a show’s airing in Japan and the time it’s officially available in the US.

The day after, Friday March 27, a Watch and Win contest launches. Watch free episodes, answer trivia questions, and be eligible to win action figures, clothes, or video games. These contests will run through September.

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  1. When will the fillers end!!! I’m tired of watching fillers all day for this show…

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