Cutting out the Middle Man: DC Launches News Blog

DC Comics today launched its own blog for “news, previews, behind-the-scenes info” called The Source. It strikes me that this is the kind of information they used to provide to comic “news” sites. Now, they’re going direct to their customer, without having to worry about anyone putting a different spin on information than they’d like. And since they don’t allow comments, no fear of contradiction or criticism, either, and no need to spend time moderating when fans get out of hand.

I’m probably reading too much into this. After all, right now the DC blog has plenty of links to interviews running at sites like Newsarama and IGN, so it looks like they aren’t planning to cut them out of coverage. But I do find it interesting that I didn’t see a link to the new DC blog anywhere at

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  1. Ken Lowery Says:

    I’m probably reading too much into this.

    Yes, you are.

  2. Mark S. Says:

    Speaking of “Sources,” this is an unrelated and yet related question for Johanna.

    My question to Johanna is this (and I don’t mean this in a disparaging way, so don’t read the wrong emotion into this), but what makes you an authority on what you write about? What is your experience in comics? Are you a cartoonist? A writer? An editor?

    I’m a little curious about your background because I’ve been reading this blog for a couple of weeks, and when I read a blog, I want to be assured that I’m reading something written with authority, with the writer having a legitimate knowledge about what they are blogging about.

    Look, almost anybody in America can start a blog, but that does not make them a journalist or a writer or a historian. With the Internet basically giving anyone license to write anything they want in public, and with no checks and balance system to vet the material for accuracy of content and grammar, etc., I think that whomever is running a high-profile blog on ANY subject — be it comics or cooking or arts and crafts —- should be able to clearly explain their credentials to their readers, as well as why they are authorities on their subject matter, and why we, as readers, should trust what they are posting daily?

    Anyway, I hope this question does not sound disrespectful. I am simply asking what your credentials are in the field of comics and why I (or any other) readers should read and trust this blog. I think in today’s world, cyber-dependent for information, I don’t think that is an unfair question to pose to the blog poster.

    Thank you,


  3. Johanna Says:

    If you click on my name in the header at the top or the About the Authors link in the bottom right of the page, you’ll see some of my credits. I agree that it’s important to understand a writer’s experience as background for their opinions; that’s why I made that page in the first place.

  4. Dawn Says:

    Hi Mark,

    If you click on her name at the top of the page, she lists her writing credits and her educational background and so on.

  5. Dorian Says:

    And since they don’t allow comments, no fear of contradiction or criticism, either, and no need to spend time moderating when fans get out of hand.

    The site allows comments. You just have to register first.
    Any business running a blog would be insane not to have some kind of comment moderation in place.

  6. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Dorian, have you registered for the site, yet? I’m wondering if I register, will that allow me to comments on blog entries themselves, or if I wish to make a comment, do I have to go to the DC forums? I don’t see where there is an icon to comment on individual entries.

    Okay, I’ll go real cynical here. If DC is now publishing their own press releases, I can’t help but think they can use this to strong arm other content providers. The best way is to tell Newsarama, IGN, or ICv2 that if they promote a particular project, then they will let them run press releases a day or so before they run them on their own site.

  7. Mark S. Says:

    Hey, that’s a different Mark S. than me.

    I’m just sayin’ is all…

  8. Johanna Says:

    Ed, that was what I was looking for, comments on particular entries.

    Thinking about it further, of course companies should do this kind of thing. Their press releases ought to be available on their own site, easily found, and hosting their own previews is obvious. And unless they’ve hired a couple more people, I don’t see them having time to do interviews and such, so that should take place on other, friendly sites. I think my reaction is really more a statement on how much some of the news sites resemble company press sites.

  9. Ed Sizemore Says:


    I agree that companies should have all their press releases posted on their own website.

    However, what a carrot to offer an internet comic site to say we will let you post press info a day or two before we post it to our site. So some site could say they are the “First” place to get your comic news. Of course, that’s only if the site plays by DC’s rules ;-}

  10. Johanna Says:

    I fear my cynicism is rubbing off on you, coming up with plots like that!

  11. Ed Sizemore Says:

    I like to think you’re helping me refine my pre-existing cynicism.

  12. Dorian Says:

    Ed–Yes, I’ve registered. It’s a standard WordPress commenting registration, good for that site only.

  13. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Dorian, forgive my ignorance, does that mean you can comment on individual entries now? Thanks for answering my questions.

  14. Strip Features — Says:

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  15. Johanna Says:

    Ed, yes, you can — but you have to go to the specific post to do so or to see if there are any comments. The DC Blog clarified that here.

  16. Johanna Says:

    And I thought it was very nice of Alex to mention this site in his roundup after what I said. :)

  17. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Johanna, thanks, I got it now. Not sure I’m willing to register yet. Maybe, if they talk about Tiny Titans a lot I’ll register to show my support.

  18. James Schee Says:

    Oddly, I registered and never got my password sent to me. So today I entered my SN and hit the lost password button and then got an e-mail with a password. (which worked)




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