Casanova Online a Hoax

On April 1, brothers Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba announced at their blog that indy favorite comic Casanova would be continuing online with this graphic.

Casanova ad

Now, it’s two days later, and there’s no sign of it, and no blog update. It looks like the announcement was an April Fools joke. This kind of thing is why I hate that day.

Update: I love Heidi’s reaction, complete with hand-done X-across-their-faces graphic.

2 Responses to “Casanova Online a Hoax”

  1. I hate April Fools’ Day | Bent Corner Says:

    […] they hadn’t. I will beat them with their own shoe. UpdateJohanna from Comics Worth Reading is reporting that the announcement that indy favorite comic Casanovawould be continuing as a web comic appears […]

  2. James Schee Says:

    Yeah I’ve never liked the holiday myself either. I’m reminded of the Comedy Central exec’s quote after a South Park April Fool’s day joke a few years ago.

    “Fans got the joke, they just didn’t like it.”

    I’ve really liked just about everything I’ve read by Fraction, so have been thinking of giving Casanova a try. I think I’ll put off doing so just a bit longer right now.

    There is so much I want to read, so I have to make choices on what to get at particular times. So sometimes a small annoyance like this helps make decisions a little easier. (I’ll still get to it at some point, it isn’t THAT big a deal)




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