Viz Anime Coming on Funimation Channel

This one’s for Ed, since he gets the anime-based FUNimation Channel, and I don’t. (Darn DirecTV!)

Monster anime

Five Viz animation series based on popular manga will be coming to the FUNimation Channel later this year: Nana, Honey and Clover, Monster, Buso Renkin (about a guy who fights monsters with his heart replaced with an alchemical device), and Hunter X Hunter (kid wants to work hard to become a Hunter).

Honey and Clover anime

You know how anime first got popular in this country due to fans trading subtitled videotapes? Given the limited reach of FUNimation, I’m contemplating a high-tech comeback of swapping shows so I can see Nana and Monster.


  1. Ooh I want to see Nana and Monster too!!!

  2. VIZ has solicited Nana DVD Box 1 for June, and is going to be releasing Honey and Clover boxed too. They’re also planning to stream them online.

    I imagine Monster will follow a similar release pattern. I have the first Hunter X Hunter box, and these direct-to-boxset releases of theirs are pretty nice.

  3. How dense of me! I didn’t even think of DVD sets. Thanks!

  4. That just means even less sleep now. Funimation what do have against me? :-)

    I really can’t complain, I’ve been loving the Xxxholic & Tsubasa animes.

    Nana and Monster are going to be amazing too.

  5. How many people here have called their television service provider about requesting the FUNimation Channel because if they do not know there is a demand for it, they will not provide the channel?

  6. I tried to use the request form on the FUNimation site, but it’s broken. It gives an error when you try to submit it.

  7. is it worth reading monster manga if you have seen the anime?

  8. I would say the manga is worth reading regardless, but I haven’t seen the anime yet.

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