When Did Girlamatic Die?

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I was probably part of the problem, since I don’t follow webcomic collection sites, only individual webcomics, but when did Girlamatic.com stop being an active site? As of this morning, everything on the front page is labeled “no longer updating”, and the last editorial is a year old (although with the lack of dates on the site, it was hard to determine that).

The site, focused on comics by and of interest to women, was six years old as of March 31. It was one of a network of sites that gave free tastes but asked for subscription revenue for access to archives, a model that once worked but seems to have died out in favor of advertising and merchandise money.

Update: One of the contributors writes in the comments that there are some strips still updating weekly, and she recommends the RSS feed to keep up with them. So the site’s not completely dead, just pining for the fjords.

10 Responses to “When Did Girlamatic Die?”

  1. Tara Tallan Says:

    Girlamatic isn’t quite dead… there are several comics that still update (mostly) weekly, such as Gypsy!, Faery Underground, Five Star, and also mine, Galaxion. Unfortunately the site is in a state of transition… we’re all hoping the home page will be updated and improved soon, but I have no idea when that will be. Currently, the best way to keep on top of the new updates, if you’re not likely to check the home page every day, is to use Girlamatic’s RSS feed.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Thanks for the update! I’m editing the post to reflect it.

  3. Ed Sizemore Says:

    “pining for the fjords”- well played, well played.

  4. Andre Says:

    I take one week off and someone declares the site dead….

    Jeepers (my comic) and Lil’Mell are updating regularly as well. As Tara points out the site’s in transition, and when it’s relaunched a lot of the detrius of old designs’ll be gone. It’s just taken awhile….

    I think Lea is relaunching launching Rumble Girls Runaway Lighting Ohmry as a partly subscription-based series on her own site soon.

  5. Andre Says:

    [also, on days that there are no updates, which happens, the site pulls out random links from the archives, which might explain why there’s so many no longer updatings]

  6. Laura Says:

    Joining in my fellow GAMmers, Clavinger and (sometimes) Raconteur are also still updating, in addition to those listed above, and I believe Spades is as well.

    We’re all hoping the revamp happens soon!

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