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My apologies if you’ve already seen these links — the week got away from me. But I really enjoyed looking at them.

The Amalgam Age of Comics cover
The Amalgam Age of Comics
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Todd Klein analyzes the Amalgam Comic logos. Just talking about Amalgam brought back memories — I was DC’s webmaster during one of the rounds. I recall Marvel’s attitude as being “isn’t this cool? what do you mean both companies have to approve anything related to the project?” Anyway, genius letterer Klein shows how the combined logos were created based on existing influences. There are three follow-up posts. The titles involved are a great reminder of a different time in comics.

This may be the best review ever: First Second Editorial Director Mark Siegel draws a story about reading Scott Pilgrim in the style of Scott Pilgrim. Funny and insightful.

IDW has posted a preview of The Hunter, a Richard Stark novel adapted by Darwyn Cooke. The book will be out in July, and it looks like a wonderful match between Cooke’s retro style and the anti-hero crime story.

2 Responses to “Cool Stuff LinkBlogging”

  1. David Oakes Says:

    We need more comics reviews done as comics.

  2. Johanna Says:

    But it requires ever so much talent! Especially if you mimic the style, as Siegel did.




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