New Reliable Previews: True Loves 2, Jan’s Atomic Heart

New Reliable Press sent me PDF copies of the two books they have coming out on June 3.

True Loves 2

True Loves 2

by Jason Turner and Manien Bothma, $8.95 US

The first True Loves volume was released in mid-2006, collecting a webcomic, and I liked it. I was glad to check in again with these characters, although I was a little concerned about the subtitle “Trouble in Paradise”.

This volume deals more with reality than romance. True and Zander are moving in together after celebrating their one-year anniversary. But their enjoyment may be short-lived once he gets promoted to night supervisor and she’s still working days. As a result, they’re hanging out with different groups of people and facing temptation and jealousy.

The dialogue’s true-to-life and the behavior realistic. True and a friend get distracted sorting through clothes while packing, for example, meaning they aren’t packed when the guys show up with the rented truck. That’s the appeal for me, since the art is basic, although Turner does a good job establishing settings and backgrounds.

The creators know what they’re talking about, since they’ve been married for three years. Once a life together enters a new phase, it’s tough figuring out how to blend two sets of furnishings and finding time to spend with single friends and handling previous relationships.

It all comes together a little too easily and conveniently, but I enjoyed spending a little time with these hipsters and their friends. (Note: You should have tolerance for watching characters frequently indulging in pot.) You can see a preview or read the strip online. The book’s order code for comic shops is APR09 0957.

Jan’s Atomic Heart

Jans Atomic Heart

by Simon Roy, $5.95 US

An engrossing science fiction story with a conspiracy angle. After being in a car wreck, Jan is half robot. He’s been given a loaner body that’s the same model as one recently used for terrorist attacks, and he’s concerned that someone intends to turn him into a bomb. As he investigates, the story swings between future concepts and paranoia.

The art is grey-toned pencils with a strong sense of place. That’s a great choice to provide familiarity and grounding for the more imaginative concepts. The details of daily life — meeting for coffee, calls from friends — merge with more outrageous events — a missing building — to effectively build suspense and curiosity on the reader’s part.

You can see a preview or read another review online. The book’s order code for comic shops is APR09 0958.

2 Responses to “New Reliable Previews: True Loves 2, Jan’s Atomic Heart”

  1. Ed Brisson Says:

    It’s interesting that you pointed out the pot smoking, Jason and I were talking the other night about how people might react to the use of pot in True Loves. In Vancouver, pot use is nearly as common as alcohol consumption and is, in a sense, really not viewed as “drug use”. People walk down the street openly smoking pot, etc… (this is why Vancouver is nick-named Vansterdam).

    The difference, to my mind, is that in True Loves, there is not a lot of attention drawn to it. It’s just something that is going on, part of the lives of the characters, like going to the pub or local coffee shop. Humour or story doesn’t hinge on it, it’s not a “stoner” story.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I had no idea that was the way things were in Vancouver! Interesting to learn. And you’re right, it is handled very naturally and casually in the story. I just figured some readers would want to know about it, either one way or another.




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