Diamond Omits Love & Capes #11 From Previews Catalog

Thom Zahler, creator of Love and Capes, submitted his ordering information for issue #11 to Diamond Comics to be part of the current (May) Previews catalog (for issues shipping in July). Unfortunately, Diamond left out the solicitation.

Love & Capes #10

Thom answered a few questions I had as well as providing information about how Diamond is resolving the situation.

Were you timing the solicitation of issue #11 to coordinate with your Free Comic Book Day publication?

Yes, I did. There’s an ad on the back inside cover of #10 promoting it as being in Previews. The idea was to make it as easy as possible for people to order it. People would get the book on Saturday and say “Order me more” and their retailer could.

How does something like this happen?

It was just a error on Diamond’s part. They work with a huge volume of books in any given month, and mistakes are going to happen. I’m sure there are systems in place, but no system is ever perfect. Fortunately, they’re stepping up to the plate to make things as right as possible.

Love & Capes #11

What will happen now?

First, Love and Capes #11 will be solicited in the June Previews catalog for August release. I’ll get the book out as early in the month as I can so it’s as close to the original shipping date as possible. I will have copies for sale at my table at Comic-Con in San Diego as well (also part of why the book was scheduled for July). I won’t sell them off the website, though, until the books are in stores. I’ll be keeping the retailers informed as that draws closer, and I’m sure they’ll understand why I need to sell my new product at the biggest show in the country.

Diamond is also providing me some additional consideration for #11. For instance, it’ll be covered in an e-mail blast to retailers. There may be some other things that we’re still working out, too. Obviously, I’m disappointed that this has happened, but Diamond and my rep have been doing their level best to fix it. They’ve been exceedingly professional about it and I can’t imagine how they could handle this situation any better.

I’m glad to hear that there’s an eventual happy ending! Thanks, Thom, for the information.

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