Power Girl Art Joke

Power Girl #1 dropped today, and this is the alternate cover by Adam Hughes.

Power Girl #1 alternate cover

Leaving aside the obvious appeal of the character, what I want to know is, who gave PG the Carol Channing head implant? (KC says Doris Day.)

9 Responses to “Power Girl Art Joke”

  1. Julia Says:

    You should see Power Girl in the Batman: Brave & Bold comic. She looked like a busty version of Joan Rivers.

  2. Ray Radlein Says:

    Does she look like diamonds are her best friend?

    [Insert Comics Distribution Channel Joke Here]

  3. Dane Says:

    Man, Power Girl with an Adam Hughes cover. I should really want this but damn I do not like that cover.

  4. Ed Sizemore Says:

    I like the how all the guys in the background have a “Dude, I think I just filled the cup.” look on their face.

  5. Mark S. Says:

    Hughes could take Pin Up Art lessons from Gil Elvgren…

  6. Alan Coil Says:

    I think it’s Pam Anderson.

    Oh, I see, you’re looking at the face.

  7. Adri Cowan Says:

    I’m so glad you noted this. You should see what people had to say when I posted that cover – it seriously stirred up some opinions! Check it here: http://www.happyblogtime.com/2009/05/power-of-power-girl.html

  8. thecheckoutgirl Says:

    I saw it and yelled out, “HOLY CRAP IT’S CAROL CHANNING!”

    thankfully, I am home alone. that could have been kind of embarrassing.

  9. Thom Says:

    I am siding with KC on this…looks very Doris Day.




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