Viz Launches New People for J-Pop in SF in August

I feel old, because I’m not sure exactly what this means, but I’d like to visit it if I’m ever in San Francisco.

New People

VIZ Pictures and the J-Pop Center Project are proud to announce the opening of NEW PEOPLE, a vivid new permanent attraction opening this August in San Francisco’s historic Japantown! NEW PEOPLE is located in a striking 20,000 square foot structure and will bring the hottest examples of hip Japanese Pop Culture (J-Pop) to North America. NEW PEOPLE is the only destination in the U.S. devoted exclusively to J-Pop expressed though cutting edge film, art, fashion, and a variety of specialty boutiques and ongoing monthly events.

It sounds like a combination store/museum, but for all I know, it’s the base for a mind-control plot sweeping the country. Oh, wait, it seems that it’s also a theater:

With three stories above and a basement cinema below, NEW PEOPLE will offer the latest films, art, and retail brands from Japan. The spacious 143-seat underground cinema space is equipped with cutting edge High Definition digital projection and THX®-certified sound and is the soul of the NEW PEOPLE experience. Its core focus will be on some of the latest and hottest films from Japan, as well as an incredible legacy of classics, documentaries and anime — making it the only cinema of its type in the United States.

It’s also got a boutique that will carry trendy clothing brands including Baby, The Stars Shine Bright; a cafe; and an art gallery. Aha! It’s mecca for U.S. Japanophiles! The Grand Opening is planned to be “an all-day outdoor music and performance event and gala” in August. Only three months to go!


  1. That sounds great! Now traveling to San Francisco is an even better option.

  2. That’s horrible. I have seen few combinations of shallow taste and cultural delusion as intertwined as this “J-pop”.

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