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The Best of Simon and Kirby cover
The Best of Simon and Kirby
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My friend Steve Saffel would like you to know that The Best of Simon and Kirby is now out and “everyone who’s seen the book has raved”. Previews are available.

Gina Biggs has created a set of zodiac illustrations featuring bare-chested men in a manga-influenced style. What’s your sign?

New CBLDF President Chris Powell has resigned from the Board of Directors of ComicsPRO due to time conflicts. Calum Johnston, owner of Strange Adventures in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has been added in his place. Johnston is the first non-U.S. director of the group.

You can now subscribe to this blog on the Kindle if you’re so inclined.

Not comics, but interesting to me: Via Journalista comes word that the San Jose Mercury News will begin charging for online content. I find this ironic. My first job out of a grad school was as a user interface developer and website designer for a newspaper database company. We were trying to sell our clients on the idea that we could help them put their newly computerized “morgues” online, and they could sell access to subscribers. (Bear in mind that this was back in the day where DIALOG access to certain online databases cost $60 an hour.) But few newspapers could make it work because papers like the Mercury News and the Raleigh-Durham News and Observer, located in tech-heavy areas, were doing amazing work online for free. Now, I can’t even find a NandO online site — it’s the flat

I don’t think trying to “make” customers pay for what they were used to getting for free is the way to go, because you’re not providing any additional value to justify them giving you money. I’d like to read more local news, myself, but the local paper keeps cutting what makes them special and unique in favor of protecting fat cats. Anyway, found it interesting to see San Jose’s paper try and reverse the effects of that decision made over 15 years ago.

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