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Tokyopop will be releasing Bizenghast Book 6 by M. Alice Legrow in August.

Bizenghast Book 6

To promote the upcoming volume and allow readers to pick up the story, Tokyopop is putting the whole series online for free (link no longer available). Smart move, since by the release of 6, it will be over a year since the last book came out in July 2008.

Of course, there is a catch. Each book will only be available for one week.

  • Book 1: Now (May 15)
  • Book 2: May 22
  • Book 3: May 29
  • Book 4: June 5
  • Book 5: June 12

But at that point, they’ll start putting Book 6 online. Many other publishers wouldn’t do that — they’d think that online readers wouldn’t bother to buy if they can read it for free. Be interesting to see how well this works for the company. At this point, I can’t see what they have to lose.


  1. […] Free manga on the web: Bizenghast, by M. Alice LeGrow, was one of the better-regarded books in Tokyopop’s first wave of global manga. Vol. 6 is coming out soon, and to bring new readers in, Tokyopop is putting vols. 1-5 online, one volume per week, for free. Vol. 1 is up right now, and vol. 2 goes up on May 22. (Via Comics Worth Reading.) […]

  2. I really like this book and was excited when I found that I could read it all online for free, but I was wondering why you haven’t put up volume two yet?

  3. Tokyopop is the one posting the chapters. You can find book 2 here.

  4. Thank you!!!!

  5. the style in the volumen 4 and 5 has changed,the people don’t seem that the creator has changed.The style is horrible in 4,5 and 6 in comparation with the true creator!

  6. Darlin’, it’s still Alice doing the creating, it’s just that her art style is still expanding and changing. :) The ‘true creator’ as you said is still doing the work. lol. It’s mainly Tokyopop rushing her and making her change so much that changes the style.

  7. agreed. at a sleepover my friend had vol. 1-6 from the library but i only got to read 1-3 cuz apparently i waz readin 2 much. the minute i read the newsletter on the first page i was hooked

  8. This manga is the most dreadful and horrifically drawn piece of trash that I have ever had the misfortune to come across.

  9. I don’t normally argue with opinions, but I suspect you may not have seen some of the horrendous examples I have. You’re wrong (or very fortunate not to have seen anything truly bad). Whether or not you like Legrow’s style (I do, and she’s talented) — there is much worse out there.

  10. Bizenghast is the best manga I have found out there it. From the first page I was hooked. I love Bizenghast to death she needs to deff write more of them in my opinion. I love the artwork also it is so beautifully drawn

  11. Great book, really but too bad that in latvian there is only the first one and they won’t translate further…;(

  12. This manga is sooooooooo great!!! I love it!!! :)

  13. Where can I read the 4th and all the rest Bizenghast volumes online?

  14. With all the changes in Tokyopop over the years since this promotion ran, your best bet to read Bizenghast is to order the volumes from There may be unauthorized postings online, but I won’t help you find them, if they exist.

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