Captain Britain Is Too Cancelled

Hey, remember how in January there were rumors going around that the Marvel title Captain Britain and MI13 was cancelled? And Marvel sent out people to say, “oh, no, no, it’s not, we’re doing this great new storyline about Dracula on the moon!”?

Well, turns out that those rumors weren’t correct then, but the book is now cancelled, as confirmed by series writer Paul Cornell. Issue #15 is the last.

Kudos to Cornell for addressing the point. As he says:

you know that time when the whole internet thought we were cancelled? We genuinely weren’t. The book coming to an end now isn’t a revelation that the rumours then were ‘true all along’. If it had been true then, I’d have told you then. I think that controversy, and the extremely welcome reaction from fans, ended up doing a lot of good.

Unfortunately, not enough. And that’s what tends to happen — once people hear a title is in danger, they start reevaluating it. Some people tend to treat pull lists like dating: better to be the dropper, and decide to read something else now, than the droppee, and have something you’re enjoying taken away from you.

7 Responses to “Captain Britain Is Too Cancelled”

  1. David Oakes Says:


    (And saving $3, while nice, really isn’t a bright side.)

  2. JE Says:

    And just right after I decided to pick up the trade.

    Just great.

  3. Paul O'Brien Says:

    I’m not quite sure I see your point, Johanna. Sales on this title have been plummetting at an alarming rate from day one. I see nothing to suggest that the cancellation announcement made matters worse. If anything, it stabilised a bit after that.

    And second, this wasn’t a typical case of internet rumour-mongering – Marvel actually announced the cancellation in error and then retracted it. Frankly, given the sales at that time, the retraction was more surprising than the original announcement.

  4. Johanna Says:

    I’m not making an argument, Paul, just reporting that the title will be ending and noting that it’s rare for a creator to be so open about the matter.

  5. Comic Guru (Kristian Barry) Says:

    I’m sorry but I’ve been hearing this ill informed crap about sales being the excuse to cancel Captain Britain and it really needs to stop here.

    Britain accounts for 40% of worldwide comic book sales but they are not taken into account by Diamond US when calculating their sales charts.

    If you calculated Captain Britains sales in Britain which are disproportionally larger than America’s it would be around the 50 mark in chart position. Very probably higher in recent months due to online petitions and a ramping up of the superb story.

    Fight for this title. Tell Marvel to rethink. For me this title outsells Amazing Spiderman almost every month and thats virtually a weekly title. If you don’t believe me look at the sales charts at the front of my website. They are based on sales and not on what I buy in. Which ironically is exactly the opposite of the charts that Diamond publish officially.

  6. Johanna Says:

    You’re right, Marvel could have made this decision by taking into account more than declining sales. They might have thought that there was little possibility of interest in the title or characters for other media (TV, film). They might be on a kick where they’re tying their titles more closely together, so something set in another country isn’t of as much interest. Heck, some other creator with more pull may have wanted to use one of the characters elsewhere. There are a variety of possible other factors that went into their decision. But usually, it’s looking at sales (both numbers and direction) and costs.

    Where does the 40% figure come from, by the way? I’m always curious about more sources of factual numbers in comics, since there are so few of them.

  7. Dwight Williams Says:

    Three years later, and we can still do with an answer to that question. Same goes for any comics-reading nation with access to North American publishers’ wares, come to think of it.

    And I still miss MI-13, too.




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