More KC Blogging & Batman Annuals Review

Hey! KC here! Just wanted to let my fans (all two of you!) know that I’m going to be doing a little more work with my long-time friends over at Westfield Comics as a contributor to their grand, spanking new blog, doing the occasional comics-related book review or some other odds and ends pieces that will allow me to use my special talents (whatever they are) for boring people to death — or to finally get that Guinness World Record for longest run-on sentence! Anyway [big breath], here’s the first installment of my modestly named KC’s Bookshelf, covering DC Comics Classics Library: Batman Annuals Volume 1, where I blatantly and forcefully tell you how to spend your hard-earned money on silly things like comics. Instead of rent or food. Enjoy!

One Response to “More KC Blogging & Batman Annuals Review”

  1. Ed Sizemore Says:

    I’m a fan too, so that should be at least 3 :-)




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